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Dec. 11th, 2008 @ 10:01 pm (no subject)
hey guys

i have an Amaryllis bulb that bloomed last year. I had it stored in a dark closet after its blooms had died off (september) and was hoping for it to sprout again this year. Its been re-potted and watered for a few weeks now and nothing! any tips? might it not grow if the closet wasnt cold enough? i've looked at a few websites and the only thing i can think of that i hadnt done is to keep it cold. i couldnt keep it in the fridge since i have apples in there, and i live in a small apartment with no cold basement.

is it too late? could i take the apples out of the fridge and put it in for a week and hope that if i take it out it might work then?

im pretty new to this (as im sure you can tell!!) any advice would be appreciated.

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